ReVision in Action: Moving Forward!

On May 6th, the Music, Life Long Learning and Property ReVision Team offered their proposal to the congregation. The proposal’s objective was to create a more welcoming and useful multi-purpose worship, educational, and concert space in Grace Church Sanctuary. The proposal was met with a very positive response from the congregation that Sunday morning.

The Music, Life Long Learning and Property ReVision Team’s Proposal is in 3 Parts:

Part 1:  

Relocate the bell choir from the upper north balcony to underneath the south balcony.

Part 2:

  • Remove front pews (3 each side) from sanctuary floor to create a multi-purpose space.
  • Move the organ console from the balcony to the sanctuary floor.
  • Move the choir from the sides to the center of the balcony.

Part 3:

Add a tiered platform to the current elevated pulpit area.

Since May 6th, the ReVision team has worked hard to bring the proposal into fruition. We are pleased to announce that we are in a position to move ahead with Part 1 of the proposal.

Part 1 has been funded in full by an anonymous donor. The handbells have experimented ringing in the space and believe the sound will be as good, if not better, than the balcony. There will be room for more bell ringers, as well as, handicapped accessibility that would allow for full participation from anyone in a wheelchair that wants to play in the bell choir. There will be space for the handbells to play with other instruments, and there will be better lighting for the bell ringers. We have tested lighting with help from the House of Lights in Mendon. The bass bell table will be removable, and
only be there on days the handbells ring.

For more information on the proposed work involved, please contact
the church office.

The Property Committee passed Part 1 of the proposal on August 1st, and the Church Council passed Part 1 of the proposal on August 12th.

We invite the congregation to a meeting after the 10 am service on August 26th to ask questions about the proposal. Alternatively, please call Alastair Stout before August 26th.

After August 26th, our hope is to have the handbells relocated in time for their first fall ring on September 23rd, 2018.

reVision Communications Survey – Spotlight on Service

The reVision Team for “Communications, Marketing and Language” has been evaluating the various ideas submitted at the November 2017 reVision “Convergence Summit”.  These ideas would require a variety of skills and talents to create and implement.  Therefore, we have envisioned a mixture of volunteer help, an ongoing Communications committee and dedicated staff person (FT, PT and/or internship), to bring these ideas to fruition.

You can participate in this reVision survey in one of two ways:

Grace Church has many talented members and friends.  This Communications SOS Survey has two purposes:

Part 1 will help us learn about the congregation’s usage of types of computer devices and social media preferences.

Part 2 is intended to gauge levels of experience or interest within specific skill areas.

Even if you don’t plan to help out in this area, please fill out at least Part 1.

We appreciate your participation, as it will help us as we write our reVision proposal. Please complete the survey the end of April 2018, but the sooner the better, as we need to make our reVision proposal in early May.

Thank You!

reVision Team for Communications, Marketing and Language