Rev. Holly Ross Noble

Rev. Holly Ross Noble, Interim Minister

Many of you know me from my years working at the hardware store on North Main Street. However, that was one of my side jobs that I have held over the years. (I have also made hammocks in East Corinth, VT, substitute taught at Waits River Valley School, was a Lister for 6 years, and cleaned houses!)

I grew up in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State and graduated from Wells College in Aurora, NY in 1978. I graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1981 and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1982. I have two sons, Andrew and Mark. Andrew lives in Warnerville, NY with his daughter, Lena, and fiancée, Alisha, and her son, Slate. Mark lives in Wallingford, VT with his fiancée, Ana, and her two children, Briana and Kanen. In my spare time I love to knit (I always have a project going), play in my flower gardens, and yes, occasionally try to tackle the bagpipes. I have a black greyhound, Torque, who thinks he is a lap dog!

Over the almost 38 years of my ordained ministry in NY and Vermont, I have served mostly small churches and one medium-sized church. In many ways small churches are easier, because they know they need one another and by nature, are a community. In a larger church, community building has to be much more intentional. That is where I see my strengths; I am more of a people person than a numbers person. Although I recognize and greatly value the work of the Trustees and budget concerns, I feel most called to try to help people embody the message of Christ’s love – in and out of the church. I have found in my ministry that if the emphasis is on the Gospel, everything else falls into place.

I preach sermons based (usually) on the lectionary reading(s) of the day, linking the Biblical text with everyday life. I feel one’s faith is revealed in their life by what they do and say. I try to live my faith – in my relationships with people and in outreach to the world and I feel called to join with others in this quest, as we help one another in this journey.

As the “Interim” Interim at Grace Church, I will provide weekly services, working closely with your music ministries, giving a sense of stability for Sunday mornings and a mid-week homily/meditation whenever called upon to do so. I will be available for crisis ministry and day to day care as the pandemic allows. As is possible, I will provide pastoral care and coordinate outreach to members and friends of the church and the community. I feel this is something I have to offer your church at this time.