Lenten devotional: Perfect – Good Enough

The season of Lent in some traditions means giving up something we enjoy, such as chocolate and other sweets or an activity that doesn’t seem to be edifying or helpful to others.  Lent can also be the past tense of loaned and can cover any season in one’s life.

The motto: “Living to give and giving to live” can mean giving up, giving in and giving to.

When a friend of mine was struggling with a knee injury, I loaned her a piece of equipment my husband had used daily until his death.  After her knee was healed, I inquired about the item, and she said she had given it to a friend, not realizing I had expected it to be returned.  I smiled and said: “OK .”

Giving up, in and to wasn’t perfect but good enough to maintain a loving relationship with my friend!

Grace Congregational Church members and friends have contributed to this year’s Lenten devotionals. This year’s Lenten theme is “Good enough: Embracing the imperfections of life and faith.” Today’s devotional was contributed by Jane Hanley.

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