Lenten devotional: Meditation based on the Beatitudes

Meditation Based on the Beatitudes

People who do not hold tightly to things are happy

Because all of God’s kingdom is theirs.

People who are gentle with the earth 

Will see it blossom forever.

People who can cry for all the world’s suffering

Will live to see happiness.

People who hunger and thirst for what is right

Will finally have their fill.

People who really care 

Will find love wherever they go.

People who don’t let the world get them down 

Will see God.

People who make peace happen

Are God’s children.

People who give up their own comfort so that others can be helped

Know what heaven is all about.


From THE EMPTY PLACE, copyright 1976, by Franciscan Communications Center. Used by permission.

Grace Congregational Church members and friends have contributed to this year’s Lenten devotionals. This year’s Lenten theme is “Good enough: Embracing the imperfections of life and faith.” Today’s devotional was contributed by Ellen Green.

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