Lenten devotional: ‘Good enough’

Good Enough

Not good enough?  When I hear the words good enough, I say the words, “I am good enough for God.  I will not be perfect – only when I reach the gates of heaven and my God says you may go in.  You are my true servant.”  So as I write this piece, I look back to when I said, “Lord show me, teach me in my life with you.”  When someone says something that makes me sad or angry or upset, I have to remember I am God’s servant, not man’s.  Sometimes I kick and scream and get upset. However, I continue to serve God and grow each day with my God.  Thank goodness we are different each in our walk with God. So as we head towards Easter may each of us walk with the God we serve, and at Easter be better servants.  Thank you to my sisters and brothers.  Blessed Lent.

Grace Congregational Church members and friends have contributed to this year’s Lenten devotionals. This year’s Lenten theme is “Good enough: Embracing the imperfections of life and faith.” Today’s devotional was contributed by Diana Robinson.

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