Lenten devotional: Were You There?

As you ask God to prepare your heart for Lent, I dare you to sit in candlelight and listen to the hymn “Were You There?”.  Another option is to sit in a peaceful space and read or sing the words. Allow God to soften your heart with God’s loving balm. Pray that you will experience the fullness of God’s Love during this Lenten season like never before.

Watch and listen to the song, “Were You There?” as performed by Victor Trent Cook and Three Mo’ Tenors Gospel Ensemble: 

You will find the interesting history of the song if you follow this link:


Grace Congregational Church members and friends have contributed to this year’s Lenten devotionals. This year’s Lenten theme is “Good enough: Embracing the imperfections of life and faith.” Today’s devotional was contributed by Bonnie Hanley.

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