COVID-19 Update: September 3, 2021

All are welcome at our worship services.

Those who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 are encouraged to wear facial coverings. Those who are fully vaccinated are encouraged to wear the type of protection that makes them feel most comfortable. We continue to social distance and practice good hand hygiene. Please feel free to spread out and utilize the entire Sanctuary during worship. Meeting groups are asked to utilize our larger gathering spaces.

Let’s keep our Grace family safe and healthy!

Dear Grace Church Family:

Hello from the “Open” Group!

Yes, our faithful committee has remained connected to monitor the regional effects of the COVID-19 situation as it pertains to safely meeting at Grace Church. We are working hard to keep our doors open.

We want to remind meeting organizers to contact Kit in the office to choose the largest available meeting space for their sessions. We are encouraging social distancing! Folks who meet in Fellowship Hall are welcome to open windows and request the more comfortable padded chairs for their session. Larger events, such as the Rummage Sale and choir rehearsals, will work with the “Open” Group to create a social distancing layout plan prior to their event. We want to think creatively so events can be held without that “too crowded” feeling.

Our new custodial team will continue to use the sanitizing sprayer throughout the building. We will be welcoming the Little Lambs Academy at Grace soon – so cleanliness is a high priority!

Worship continues in our Sanctuary and will start in the Chapel on September 12th. Sunday morning guests are asked to really spread out and utilize the entire worship space. We are offering individualized communion elements and are foregoing “Passing of the Peace” at this time. We have an array of plexi-glass shields that will be used to separate speakers or musical performers. These shields can also be used throughout the building when hosting meetings.

Special thanks to Greg Ellis, Fred Bates, Marty Barclay, Sue Best, Matt Getty, Laura Zmurko, David O’Brien, Kit Wallace, Alastair Stout, Diane Chartrand, Beth Wolven, and Pastor Alberta for continuing to monitor this situation on behalf of Grace. If you have ideas or thoughts on how to help, please email them to Laura at

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