2019 Holy Week Services

Maundy Thursday.png

Maundy Thursday Service at 7:00 PM

What is Maundy Thursday? Also known as Holy Thursday, Maundy Thursday is a Christian holiday falling on the Thursday before Easter. It reminds us of the foot washing and Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles.

This service is a communion service, where we will be remembering the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. “This bread is my body.” – 1 Corinthians 11:13

Good Friday.png

Good Friday Service at 7:00 PM

“Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” – John 19:30

It has been said that Good Friday makes God heartbreakingly human and love utterly real.

Tenebrae is a Service of Shadows. It reminds us of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross at Calvary.

During the service, candles are slowly extinguished and the church is left in darkness. At the end, you hear a loud great noise, a strepitus. Some say this symbolizes the earthquake that followed Christ’s death, others say that it symbolizes Christ’s death itself.



Where are you going on Easter?
There are many ways to celebrate here at Grace Church.

  • Easter Sunrise Service-at the Ashcroft Billings Farm at 6:00 AM
  • Easter Breakfast at 9:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall
  • Easter Sunday Sanctuary Service at 10:00 AM, (no chapel service)

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